Event management – Glastonbury

Event management – Glastonbury

Contract: Glastonbury Festival

Service: Car Parking, Coach Transport Hub, Ticket Sales, CSAS Operatives

Scale: 203,000 Attendance

Project Location: Worthy Farm, Glastonbury, Somerset

One of the world’s largest music festivals takes place in a small village in the south-west county of Somerset, bringing with it an audience with the scale of a city the size of Bath.  CTM is contracted to efficiently handle event parking, the coach transport hub, Ticket sales and CSAS Operatives

To accommodate the arrival pattern and the numerous forms of transport for 203,000 ticket holders.  Worthy Farm is a rural location and has a variety of different roads feeding it, from A-roads to unclassified roads, which in many cases are single width. The core challenges were to maintain an adequate flow rate of traffic towards the event site that had minimal impact on non-event traffic in the area, whilst using all available parking areas in the most efficient and progressive method. A large-scale staff resource is required to facilitate both ingress and egress as well as the 24-hour management of all car parks and transports hubs.

With the rural surroundings and pressures of such high volumes of vehicle traffic, weather conditions are critical to the decision-making of the traffic management operation.

CTM recruited and trained a large team of Police Accredited Traffic Officers (PATO) using Community Safety Accredited Scheme (CSAS) powers to direct traffic on the highway; the only way to manage such high volumes and differing scenarios over a period of time that neither traffic lights nor road signage can control.

CTM’s extensive and vastly experienced management team were employed to control all ‘onsite’ traffic movements, from routing to parking across farmland on stone tracks to more than 70 designated parking areas that encompass the venue. A robust and flexible schedule of parking areas is critical to the efficiency and ultimate success of the traffic operation as a whole.

New parking areas and vehicle routes to/from were resolved by newly constructed gravel roadways or in temporary situations, steel trackway.

Frequent multi-agency meetings to review the status of all aspects of the transport of tickets holders as well as all interested parties being located within the venue control room to maximise the flow of information and assist decision-making processes

In excess of 40,000 vehicles were successfully parked across the site over a 36hr period. At the end of the festival, all vehicles were safely exited from the site onto the local roadways and on to their destinations in under 24hrs.

Improvements to routes and parking areas take place annually to continue to develop the traffic operation. New areas may be established to offer more variety to ticket holders and expand. Albeit one of the largest music festival traffic operations in the world, its success is down to the knowledge, ability and experience of CTM staff working hundreds of smaller festivals over many years.