Audio Transcription for BBC Radio 4

Audio Transcription for BBC Radio 4

Contract Sparklab production for BBC Radio 4
Service Transcribing audio for use whilst editing a radio series/production
Scale 20 hours of audio interviews transcribed and anotated
Project Location: Sparklab Productions are based in Manchester and London
Audio Transcription for BBC Radio 4

“Good transcriptions are invaluable for efficient editing and for such a big project it was vital we had accurate transcriptions produced quickly that we could reference to help put together this unique series. It’s been great to find a new, professional provider to help with transcription support in the future”

Rebecca Maxted

Series Executive Producer, Spark Lab Productions

Tracsis Data Capture were commissioned by Sparklab Productions to transcribe audio interview footage into text files which could be used for editing their production to be aired on BBC Radio 4. The Radio documentary followed 9 students at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.

spark-lab-logoAccurate transcriptions of interviews were vital to the production team at Sparklab. They allow the team to edit the many hours of footage quickly and effectively into a high quality radio series. The transcription needs to be annotated with regular time stamps, identification of speakers and additional production notes such as sound quality. Tracsis Traffic and Data Services were awarded the transcription contract based on our years of experience.

Tracsis Data Capture were commissioned by Sparklab Productions to transcribe audio interview footage into text files which could be used for editing the production to be aired on BBC Radio 4.

The project involved the transcription of raw interview footage by our team based in Halifax. They are very experienced in transcribing audio to text format. The audio diaries and interviews of the students arrived from a variety of sources such as mobile phone and digital files.

As the transcription was carried out we had to be very clear about who was speaking, putting in regular time codes and removing any “flubbing” (erm’s, ums etc).  In addition, Tracsis put in notes about the sound quality or unusual noises that occurred so those could be used to help assess whether or not the sound bites could be used in the final production. Tracsis provided the transcribed files in separate documents per audio file, in a clear and consistent format.

bbc-radio-4Over 20 hours of recording were transcribed, allowing the production team to quickly access the sections of interviews they wanted to use. Without the transcription there would be hours of listening and editing to do before the final edit could be put together. The three part series aired on BBC Radio 4.

The series is presented by Janice Long and produced by Sparklab Productions.

The production team at Sparklab are keen to use Tracsis again in the future having found a reliable and professional company they can rely on to deliver on time.

The Data Capture team from Tracsis are based in Halifax, Yorkshire. We capture information from paper and audio files and convert it into digital formats. Our very experienced team specialise in high quality and large volume data capture services. We work with businesses and organisations who need a trusted partner to provide a secure, confidential and accurate data capture service.

Sir Paul McCartney, Co-Founder, LIPA

The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts opened in 1996 to forge a new approach to performing arts training. It was co-founded by our Lead Patron Sir Paul McCartney and Mark Featherstone-Witty RNOM OBE (LIPA’s Principal), and is housed in his old school, which underwent a multi-million pound renovation to transform it into a state-of-the-art performing arts higher education institution.

Today LIPA is an acknowledged part of the UK’s higher education provision for the performing arts, recognised and ranked alongside institutions a lot older. LIPA provides learning for the main skills needed for putting on a show (performers and those who make performance possible), uniquely blending specialist and generic skills.