Consolidation of A&E Surveys

Consolidation of A&E Surveys

ContRact Collaboration of Clinical Commissioning Groups across 9 Hospital Sites
Service Face to Face Questionnaires using hand-held PDA survey tablets
Scale 4 day survey across 9 hospitals, an average of 850 respondents per survey
Project Location:  A major UK City
Consolidation of A&E Surveys

NHS England is currently undergoing huge transformations regarding the way it delivers high quality, sustainable healthcare. These are exciting times which require stakeholders to develop innovative ways of developing health services as efficiently as possible, whilst ensuring at all times that patients and their needs are put first.

As part of their strategic plan to improve service standards, nine CCGs based in one of the UK’s major metropolitan cities have collaborated in order to identify opportunities for strengthening the capabilities of emergency services, whilst at the same time seeking to understand and improve the experiences of its patients when travelling to hospital sites. To ensure this was achieved successfully, they identified the need for quantitative and qualitative data research and commissioned the Traffic and Data Services Division of Tracsis to undertake this on their behalf. Our objective in carrying out this project was to help our client better understand the needs of patients and visitors using the hospital A&E in terms of both the services they were using, as well as their travel patterns when accessing each hospital site.

With the need to capture large volumes of accurate and sensitive information within relatively short timeframes, Traffic and Data Services developed a seamless and highly efficient solution which supported the entire research process. This involved questionnaire design and data collection using our bespoke hand-held PDA survey tablets and data processing, instant analysis and comprehensive reporting of the responses. As specialists within this field, we used a group of hand-picked and experienced surveyors to carry out the questionnaire surveys who were deployed at strategically located sites across each hospital. The survey took place on weekdays and weekends in order to reach the required sample of patients and visitors.

Due to the A&E Surveys methodology we employed and the intricate detail we collected, our client was able to respond quickly to the findings whilst ensuring that the needs of service users were met to the highest standards possible. The technology we have available allows us to mine, analyse and present complex combinations of data using both tabular, graphical and text formats. The detailed reports we produced were used to progress a strategy for improving services which addressed patient needs, whilst supporting the local transport network in simultaneously achieving this goal.

With the ability to carry out a broad range of research services which have been developed specifically for the healthcare sector, we are excited to be working closely with the NHS and other healthcare service providers in helping them achieve their mission to improve quality of care in the most efficient way possible. We continue to develop new products to respond to the evolving needs of this sector, through using the knowledge we have built up over many years and by staying at the forefront of the research market in terms of the unique techniques and technology we employ.