Vehicle Speed Surveys

Vehicle Speed Surveys

Vehicle speed isn’t just a number – it’s a critical component in road design standards for visibility, junction spacing, signage and more.

Working with consultants, developers and highway authorities, the Traffic and Data Services Division of Tracsis provides vehicle speed data to both develop and assess road infrastructure.

Safety Camera Partnerships across the UK rely on speed data from us to monitor existing enforcement sites or review new locations.

Innovative traffic surveys

Vehicle Speed Analysis

Spot speeds, journey time studies, vehicle speeds/queue/delay studies, Before/After monitoring, red-light running; all motorised modes and bicycles

Radar, ATC Tube and Inductive Loop systems, ANPR, Bluetooth, Moving Car Observer, Mobile Network Data; Video Analytics

From a single spot speed site, to network-wide journey time surveys and national safety camera studies. From a peak hour through to permanent and continuous monitoring. Graphical, map based and tabular outputs of vehicle speeds.