Passenger Count Database Software (PCDS)

Passenger Count Database Software (PCDS)

What is PCDS?

Passenger Count Database Software (PCDS) is a highly intelligent piece of software that allows our clientele to decrypt and decode raw data files taken remotely from automated passenger count systems (APC). The software is managed and developed in house by our team of rail consultants, developers and data production/analysis managers.  The software is popular amongst rail operators, with key output functionalities and the capability of producing the passenger census and green book reports.  We are also able to align outputs to other external databases. 

How do we deliver your project?

We work closely with IT departments, including revenue and fleet teams to ensure that all data is sent to a secure Ftp server. From here we able to retrieve the raw data file and begin to process them through the software. We can remotely access the data for some units using our sophisticated hardware.

Clients have access to a bespoke output which allows them to view and interrogate the granular data. The software has the current timetable built into it which allows all services to align to it. The passenger data is then aligned against the correct service and can be viewed by head code, unit, fleet, station, or line of route. 

What is the range of your project?

We are currently developing our software and output to include STP services and integrate with other Tracsis Plc products.  We are also in the process of creating a cloud based system which will enhance our services for existing and new clients, and exploring options to be able to view data ‘live’ through these new channels.

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