Passenger Counts Database Software-2

Passenger Counts Database Software


The Tracsis Passenger Analytics team developed passenger count database software that allows us to decrypt and decode raw data from any industry manufactured count systems. We have overcome the challenges and can present your data in a format which is recognised by any specified end-user.

Each step of the Passenger Counts Database Software (PDCS) process is managed by a dedicated team of system and data managers, rail consultants and software developers.


The PCDS system makes 3 separate functions available to users:

Data Collection
Data can be gathered directly from the unit via several methods.

Processing & Matching Data
This is done through the PCDS software which can decrypt raw data files and sort & match against the current timetable, including the STP. We can also incorporate manual data into the software. 

Client Review
Data is presented and accessible via a dashboard giving the client full control and the ability to interrogate the granular data at a push of a button. 

What are the long-term benefits? 

  • Multi formatting capabilities 
  • A cost-effective solution to processing APC data
  • Accurate GreenBook and Passenger Census reporting 
  • Less time spent accessing and processing data files
  • Consolidation of APC and manual data in one place 
  • A cloud-based solution for access data and reports
  • Advanced capabilities for matching data 
  • High data confidence levels
  • Capability of hosting processed data on external databases

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