Customer Experience

Customer Experience

What are Customer Experience Surveys?

All public transport operators have commitments to ensure their customers are satisfied with their services and facilities and have to demonstrate that improvements are being made in areas of weakness. This is measured in the case of rail via the National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS) which takes place twice yearly.

Passenger Surveys can design, deliver and report on customer experience in the periods between the NRPS surveys to assist TOCs in predicting what their scores will be and understand where their weaker areas are.

How do we deliver your project?

Paper based, face-to-face or online questionnaires can be set up and distributed to passengers across a network at regular intervals throughout the year to build a dataset of information regarding the customer experience.

We are also able to deliver innovative new forms of customer experience feedback using new technology and other media formats.  Questionnaires for NRPS prediction align with what is done/will be done for the NRPS to enable comparison and score prediction.

What is the range of your project?

Surveys can be done across a whole network covering all experience elements, or can be targeted at specific passenger types or locations.