Mystery Shopping Surveys

Mystery Shopping Surveys

What is our Mystery Shopping Surveys service?

Setting up a Mystery Shopping program allows our clients to get a regular insight into how their customers are experiencing, valuing and perceiving the service they offer, allowing them to make improvements and upgrades on any number of customer touch points. 

How do we deliver your project?

Small teams of experienced mystery shoppers are trained to the clients specific requirements before embarking on a series of ‘customer journeys’ allowing them to experience the network, services and facilities just as a customer would. They can complete the bespoke surveys on handheld tablet devices so as to remain discreet. Data can then be accessed and presented to the client within hours of a survey taking place, allowing them to react to certain findings in a timely fashion.

What is the range of your project?

Mystery Shopping can cover just one or two specific aspects of the customer experience within the station environment, or it can be used to cover all aspects of a passenger journey, from ticket purchase and using station facilities, to their on-train experience and arrival at their destination. The same principles can be applied to any public transport system.