Passenger Counting

Passenger Counting

What is Passenger Counting?

Using a range of methodologies and techniques, we are able to collect large amounts of data, passenger numbers in this instance. Tracsis use our team of experienced surveyors, many of whom have a background in the rail industry to collect, analyse and report the data. Count information can provide clients with an insight into passenger behaviour and assist them in managing passenger flows around stations, on trains and ensure they are meeting customer needs across their network.

How do we deliver your project?

Surveyors use handheld counters to count passengers according to client specifications and record them either manually, using pen and paper, or straight into bespoke designed surveys on handheld tablet devices. We currently undertake bi-annual passenger counts to DfT specification for the majority of the countries TOCs and have been doing so since 2009. 

A mobile app is in development for recording passenger count data and feeding surveyors live information about the trains they are counting, allowing us to issue data to our clients within hours of a survey taking place. Further to this we are also developing a ‘passenger sensor’. This is discreet hardware that can count people movements, it’s built into cameras that can detect movement in both an entry and exit direct. This hardware is currently being tested within the transport and commercial industry.  

PCDS is a highly intelligent piece of software that allows our clientele to decrypt and decode raw data files taken remotely from automated passenger count systems (APC).

What is the range of your project?

Passenger counting methodologies are extremely flexible and can be put into action on stations, from large city interchanges to small rural locations, on trains, within station concourses and retail areas or at gate lines and other station entrances and exits such as car parks and other access routes. Work can be undertaken at any time of the day or week and throughout the year. With a large network of experience surveyors, we can cover a huge range of data collection project specifications.