Ticket Audits

Ticket Audits

Why use Ticket Audits?

Ticket audits are part of the complex management of the revenue at risk. Tracsis provide services for train, bus and tram operators but our ticket audits can be applied to almost any ticket situation. Operators may not have the people and resources to cover the large networks or you may need third party validation of your data. Rail and bus franchise agreements in the UK often require an audit. Tracsis reports go into a depth of data that is not possible without our specialist teams. 

What are Ticket Audits?

We use experienced and professional surveyors at entry & exit points, platform level, concourse areas and on-board to conduct a range of ticketing surveys amongst travelling passengers. We can validate the level of ticketless travel by checking the validity of tickets and travel passes, capture data about ticket type and reasons behind invalid or ticketless journeys including the use of Smart tickets.  Passenger Surveys can build a report identifying key touch points and work with the clients focussing in the revenue protection strategy. 

How do we deliver your project?

Our surveys use bespoke questionnaires, designed in-house to capture any specific data requirements. We can capture up to 100% of passengers completing a journey using fast and accurate tablet based technology. A sophisticated routing system and matrix allows the fieldworks to choose from predetermined response which minimises the risk of data input error. Free text open are also available for any additional information or feedback. 

  • On-board – Support revenue protection team, snap shot of the network (baseline) on all modes of transport
  • Last contact – Entry & exit surveys, platform level, passenger dwelling areas, underground stations, bus stops, docks and gatelines. 
  • Boarding- Platform and passenger boarding areas
  • Combination- dependent on how you enforce penalty fares or if you have concerns regarding fraudulent ticketing. 
What is the range of your project?

All ticketing surveys can be delivered over any time period across the transport industry and are supported by our Project Managers and survey delivery team. We have the capability to produce a statistical report to show percentage of invalid or ticketless travel, revenue at risk, revenue loss and  level of invalid travel (%) Identifiable to all transport operator and local authority staff.

We can also identify trends and offer suggestions for improvements. All data and statistical analysis can be presented via a web portal in near real time, meaning that the data is always timely and current.