Passenger Count Surveys

Passenger Count Surveys

Providing passenger count data directly to train operating companies and consultancies for over 10 years. We have developed an enhanced matching process system for high-level reporting, passenger census and the GreenBook report. The data we collect also provide valuable insights into passenger demand, behaviour, and movements in stations and on trains. We cover all aspects of the complex detail and variances of passenger counts, including:



Manual Counts:

  • Joining, Alighting and On-Train Departure counts
  • Passenger flow counts/ surveys at stations, platforms, underground or concourse areas
  • Platform dwelling 
  • Entry and Exit counts 
  • Parking counts  
  • Gateline counts
  • ORCAT counts
  • Passenger occupancy counts
  • Encumbered and unencumbered station counts
  • Station facilities and bicycle rack counts


  • Automated Passenger Counts


Manual Counts: 

  • Manual surveyor observation
  • Data is captured using our smart app and sync the data live from the site

APC Software: 

  • Sophisticated software that processes all APC data, and accurately matches that passenger count data to a specific service. 



Offering near real-time data analysis and client dashboards. Using technology in innovative ways for data capture and maximising our capability to collect and processes data efficiently. Allowing our clients to interact with the data and run reports at the touch of a button. 

  • Bespoke data formatting
  • Manual DfT Green Book Report (twice annually) 
  • Client users interface/ cloud-based platform