Active Travel

Active Travel

Active travel (walking and cycling) in urban areas has grown dramatically in most towns and cities over the last 10 years. In London for example, over half a million cycle journeys are undertaken each day. Rising fuel costs, the need for greener urban environments and commuter congestion has driven this trend but urban planners have enabled it with better facilities and integrated transport systems.

Transport planners rely on accurate surveys and reports about active travel modes to ensure that the infrastructure can support future trends effectively and safely. Data on where people start and end their journeys; what routes they take; how often they do it and why are the core data sets that enable us to provide the insight required for decision making at a strategic level.


  • Cycle counts
  • Cycle speeds
  • Pedestrian flows
  • Crossing studies
  • Desire lines
  • Cyclist and pedestrian stated preference surveys


  • Video Analytics (Vision Based Surveys)
  • Mobile Network Data
  • Automatic counting
  • Bluetooth
  • Tag-and-Trace
  • Wi-Fi
  • User Intercept Interview Surveys
  • Postcard Questionnaires
  • Household Interviews
  • Travel Diaries
  • Manual observation


  • Bespoke user reports
  • Online dashboards
  • Tracsis Path Tracing outputs

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