We work hard to deliver all our client services in line with our core values. They are key to how all our people interact with customers and suppliers.


Quality – Providing a high quality product and service.

Quality is doing something to a defined standard, and ensuring that all component parts of the work are done to this standard. It relies on a common ethos across all teams to do the ‘right thing’. In this common age, cost has become the pivot point of everything, we will not sacrifice any of our core values at the sake of cost, and if that means the cost is more, then the cost is more. This defines our company and our employees. We strive to constantly improve and hope that this sets us aside from our competitors.


Relationships – Building relationships based on integrity.

Building relationships, both internally and externally, is key to progressing the business. We all know that in such an industry, things can go wrong, and with strong relationships it means problems can be dealt with effectively and with integrity. Our clients know that they can trust us and that we are honest and trustworthy.


Safety – Undertaking all our actions in a safe manner.

Safety, last but certainly not least. We work in a high risk environment and operational teams are responsible for sending people out into the world to work. We ensure that our employees understand their responsibilities and have the necessary training and equipment to carry out their jobs safely. Ultimately, if anything isn’t safe, we do not do it.


Our Mission

To build relationships based on providing high quality data obtained in a safe working environment.

Our Vision

To enable people to make informed decisions through data.


Technology makes it possible, people make it happen.