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Parking Surveys

Understanding parking stress is key to creating parking schemes that work for everyone. But providing a solution that's fit for both everyday users and local authorities takes insight.

Multiple real-world applications

Our comprehensive surveys can guide the implementation or extension of a charging scheme or, alternatively, help install dynamic car park guidance systems in urban centres.

What we provide

Our parking surveys provide detailed information on demand and usage patterns, e.g. duration of stay, turnover and abuse of regulations or permit schemes.

Insights include:

  • Parking duration, accumulation
  • Frequency
  • Illegal parking
  • Disabled bays
  • Residents permit schemes
  • Revenue studies
  • Zone capacity
  • Parking and loading activity
  • Kerbside activity

How it works

Using in-house developed data collection and analysis software, detailed results are provided for each vehicle parked. Summary information on a road beat or zone basis is also presented (dependent on user requirements).

The solution works using:

  • Manual surveyor observation
  • Pen and paper data capture
  • Software-based data capture
  • Video camera
  • In-car video camera

Data insights

  • Excel databases
  • Parking summary reports
  • Parking heat maps
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