Two digital ANPR cameras.

Digital ANPR

Advanced accurate capture and analysis

Survey accuracy

We use the most advanced digital ANPR equipment with 4G/5G data transmission which allows remote monitoring of the equipment to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Unique Technology

Our unique combination of camera and IR technology allows us to deliver reliable ANPR readings regardless of speed, weather, reflectivity of number plate and glare from headlights. Our portable ANPR cameras operate on a stand-alone basis and can be deployed at the roadside for temporary or long-term data capture.

Cars driving at night on a road.

Industry leading

With the widest geographic coverage and largest and most skilled resource capacity of any traffic survey company in the UK and Ireland, our ANPR capture and analysis systems will provide accurate, timely information to provide intelligence on:

  • Vehicle Origin-Destination movements
  • Car park usage and durations of stay
  • Traffic regulation order violation
  • Vehicle journey times
  • Vehicle emissions to inform Clean Air Zone and air quality studies

Coupled with multi-sourced databases of vehicle details and our industry-leading data cleaning, analysis and reporting suite, we provide a unique end-to-end service to derive the information needed to inform transport planning, parking, compliance investigation and air quality study projects.

A man cycling through traffic.

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