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Conduit Data Hub

Conduit Data Hub collects, stores, and presents data in a way that solves all of the common reporting challenges faced by our clients.

Manage multiple data sources

Whether you've got 20 ATCs or 5 years' worth of datasets, we can collate it all into one, user-friendly hub. Easily accessible to staff and other organisations if required.

What we provide

  • Full database creation, conversion & data upload. This includes historic & future uploads and all data types (Turning Counts, ATCs, Active Travel, Speed)
  • Live data management from any fixed sensor or counter (Artificial Intelligence, Air Quality)
  • Web-Based access for multiple users
  • Full access to raw data (if desired)
  • Comparable trend monitoring analysis of data for repeat sites
  • The upload of additional 3rd party/cloud datasets (Accident, Crash, Weather)

How it works

Imagine you have traffic data from multiple Local Authorities - stored in the cloud or on local servers. Tracsis can quickly pull this information into the Conduit Data Hub, allowing you to unlock the usability of your data sets.

Data insights

  • View, map, label, compare and interrogate data with ease
  • Look at air quality data from fixed sensors
  • Compare traffic hotspots with pollutant levels with graphs for each site
  • Different sites or batches of data can be accessed by different parties internally or externally, enabling secure cross-collaboration
  • Third-party data module for additional insights, e.g. accidents and weather updates
  • Public-facing information module with website integration


Data Hosting - Conduit

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