Two people in hi-vis counting traffic.

Traffic Counts

When planning strategic improvements to road and pedestrian layouts, a clear understanding of vehicle flows and active travel movements are vital.

Robust data - accurate results

We can provide consultancy services for transport authorities and transport planners - before they commission transport surveys. Gathering the most robust data set to maximise budgets.

Tailor-made for traffic and transport

We use technology that's specifically designed for traffic models and transport planning.

Two people in hi-vis counting traffic.

What we provide

Classified link counts by vehicle type.

Junction Turning Counts:

  • Vehicle turning movements at traffic junctions.

How it works

Link Counts:

  • Manual surveyor observation.
  • Automatic Traffic Counter (Tube + Radar)
  • Video camera
  • Inductive loop
  • Artificial intelligence sensors

Junction Turning Counts:

  • Manual surveyor observation
  • Video camera
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera

Data insights

Model-ready data that's accessible through easy-to-use web/cloud-based dashboards. What's more, insights can be delivered as a combination of numerical and graphical data - all enhanced by video and images.

A man cycling through traffic.

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