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Public Transport

Understanding how passengers use public transport and its infrastructure is crucial when planning public transport networks. It's also vital when designing stations and interchanges.

Real-world applications

Our detailed public transport surveys provide unrivalled insights for transport consultants and train operating companies. They also assist Local Authorities with planning and modelling

What we provide

  • Public transport user surveys
  • Platform surveys
  • Station counts
  • Ticket audit surveys
  • Passenger interviews
  • Stated preference surveys

Passenger Counts Database Software:

Each step of the Passenger Counts Database Software (PDCS) process is managed by a dedicated team of system and data managers, rail consultants and software developers.

How it works

Data Collection:

  • Manual surveyor observation
  • Pen and paper data capture
  • Software-based data capture
  • Video camera

Processing & Matching Data:

This is carried out via the PCDS software which decrypts raw data files. It can then sort & match data against the current timetable - including the STP. We can also incorporate manual data into the software.

Data insights

  • Excel databases
  • Executive reports
  • Web/could-based interactive dashboards
  • Postal return surveys

Data is presented and accessible via an intuitive dashboard. This gives clients full control and the ability to interrogate the granular data at a push of a button.

  • Multi formatting capabilities
  • A cost-effective solution to processing APC data
  • Accurate GreenBook and Passenger Census reporting
  • Less time spent accessing and processing data files
  • Consolidation of APC and manual data in one place
  • A cloud-based solution for accessing data and reports
  • Advanced capabilities for matching data
  • High data confidence levels
  • The capability of hosting processed data on external databases
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