Traffic jam on the motorway at night

Queue Surveys

Queuing data is vital if you're planning strategic improvements to road and pedestrian layouts. At Tracisis, we provide detailed queue length data for traffic models and transport planning professionals.

Robust data - getting the specification right

Defining what a queue is can be complex. Whether it be snap assessments, maximum queues or a bespoke methodology, we work alongside our clients to ensure the brief is clear and the data is robust.

What we provide

  • Queue lengths
  • Queues classified by vehicle type

How it works

  • Manual surveyor observation
  • Video camera

Data insights

  • Model-ready data
  • Accessible via easy-to-use web/cloud-based dashboards
A man cycling through traffic.

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Technology in action

A large cruise ship in port.

A3024 Southampton

The A3024 in Southampton is one of the major trunk roads providing access to the city centre from the east. Like many city-centre routes, it is heavily congested throughout the day, with major peaks in traffic volumes at rush hour.