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Vehicle Speed Surveys

Whether it's visibility, junction spacing or signage, speed is critical for road design standards.

Working with experts

By working with consultants, developers and highway authorities, we provide comprehensive data for planners. For example, Safety Camera Partnerships across the UK rely on Tracisis vehicle speed surveys to monitor existing enforcement sites or review new locations.

What we provide

  • Speeds by vehicle type
  • Cycle speeds
  • Journey time studies

How it works

  • Automatic Traffic Counts (Tube and Radar)
  • Inductive loop systems
  • Artificial intelligence sensors
  • In-car GPS
  • Bluetooth

Data insights

  • Advanced macro-enabled Excel reports (user interactive)
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Technology in action

A car with a dash effect driving on a road.

A36 Speed Surveys

Tracsis installed 30 Automatic Traffic Counters between Bath and Southampton to capture the data for the client. Surveys were carried out for a 24hr, 7-day period which included weekly checks to ensure the equipment operated correctly.