People crossing the road via traffic lights

AI Video Path Tracing

An innovative way of visualising the volume and direction of vehicle and pedestrian traffic that's been captured during any video survey work.

Enhanced visualisation and insights

As an enhancement to traditional video footage analysis Tracsis offer a unique path tracing service, offering users a highly customisable way of visualising the volume of vehicle and pedestrian traffic captured during any video survey work.

How it works

Using a proprietary machine-learning system, objects passing through each camera's field of vision are classified into one of 9 categories. Their routes are displayed via trace lines overlaid onto a background image from the relevant camera. The system is highly flexible and traces for each camera are viewable from anywhere between 1 minute to the full duration of the video. The results of individual classifications can be toggled on or off. Crucially, this functionality can be applied to any video survey undertaken by Tracsis.

People crossing the road via traffic lights

AI object proximity

This method is much safer than traditional alternatives and can also be used where tube installation isn't possible, e.g. high-speed roads. That's because there's no need to enter the live carriageway. Instead, cameras can be safely installed from a road side position.

Providing insights whilst protecting identities

We extract instant object proximity data, whilst still protecting personal identities. AI analytics processes video footage from our own cameras or other CCTV video feeds.

Additional insights

  • Interaction Ratio
  • % of interactions less than 2m (or defined parameter)
  • Average distance per hour/day
  • The average duration of interactions <2m Trend analysis


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Functional Portal


Tracsis Object Proximity Detection using AI

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