People crossing the road via traffic lights

AI Speeds

This AI solution enables video footage of any site to be post-processed in order to accurately capture the volume and speed of all vehicle classes, pedestrians and cyclists.

Advanced Video Analytics

By utilising the same AI technology seen in a permanently fixed AI road sensor and applying it to post-processing of video footage from temporary and ad hoc installations, Tracsis has a new offer that could tackle a gap in the data market as well as address potential limitations to standard data capture.

How it works

The AI software detects, classifies and tracks road users in the video It draws two different speed lines across the road environment to define the area of speed measurement The software uses the real-world distance between the two lines and the width of the road to make its calculations By mapping detected locations into the real-world coordinate frame, the speed of each individual object is obtained.

People crossing the road via traffic lights

Safer and more versatile

This method is much safer than traditional alternatives and can also be used where tube installation isn't possible, e.g. high-speed roads. That's because there's no need to enter the live carriageway. Instead, cameras can be safely installed from a road side position.

As accurate as tube counters

After numerous tests on residential, trunk and rural roads, we found the AI Portal to be within .095% accuracy in comparison with a pneumatic tube counter.

Additional benefits

Post-process existing footage from previous projects and provide speed data The speed of active travellers can be captured, e.g. pedestrians and cyclists Even more insights via the AI Portal, e.g. path traces and social distancing data.

A man cycling through traffic.

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