Mobile Network Data

Mobile Network Data

Mobile Phone Network Data (MND) from Tracsis is a traffic data collection technology that is available across the UK. We have a dedicated team of analysts working with our partner company Citi Logik to deliver services to public and private sector transport planners.

MND is derived from the journey paths of individuals between the network of 3G/4G masts, which support the mobile phone network. Each interaction is related to an anonymised token (User ID), which can then be used to get a picture of their journey irrespective of the mode of transport. The data is anonymous and so provides us with a view of population movement patterns, not individuals.

Providing the right data so that our clients have meaningful information reports starts with project design and management. Tracsis have a wealth of experience in project management built up over many years of delivering complex traffic surveys. Our design skills have been further enhanced by partnerships with specialist companies in the MND industry. The key partner in this area is Citi Logik.

The data is aggregated and anonymised to create insights applicable to traffic flow assessments, origin-destination and modal analysis. MND is a much richer and more comprehensive data set than those derived by traditional survey techniques, as it allows complete journey paths to be constructed for user groups, and can be linked to anonymised demographic information.

Reporting can be configured to provide data for critical operational decision making for events and traffic management operations or provided data for planning new transport projects to aid in their design phase.

All the information we provide is based upon Anonymised aggregated location information and can be enhanced with Anonymised demographic data such as age ranges. In both cases the data is subjected to stringent processes to ensure that it is never about the individual but about the population.

Origin-Destination and Journey Time analysis together with data visualisation is provided through our web hosted analysis software to which client are allocated a personal secure login.