Tracsis Live Technology

Tracsis Live Technology

Tracsis Live Technology (TLT) is a bespoke offering to deliver total traffic monitoring, management and control for the management of traffic accessing major event venues.  Using the most advanced digital equipment complete capture of vehicle movements at and around an event is uniquely displayed on a web-based portal in real-time.

The TLT system is a real-time vehicle auditing system which includes journey times for approach to an event, average speed information as well as gatekeeping and pre-registering of vehicles for parking or security access zones.

Our unique combination of camera and Infra-Rd (IR) technology allows Tracsis to deliver reliable Automatic Number Plate (ANPR) readings regardless of speed, weather, reflectivity of number plate and glare from headlights. Our portable ANPR cameras operate on a stand-alone basis and can be deployed at the roadside, at the entrance to an event or within the event venue itself for temporary or long-term periods.

The TLT intelligent portal transforms the granular data into useful trend information displayed in a user friendly interactive dashboard, allowing event managers a high level overview of the data as it is coming in live.

TLT provides a one-stop-shop for event traffic control and management.

  • Synchronised multi-lane ANPR and High Definition (HD) overview cameras
  • Overview image cropped to cover specific vehicle allowing CCTV type capability
  • Multi-lane, high frame rate for high speed approach roads
  • Wide angle, 50m IR range, adaptability to front and rear plates for congested approach roads
  • In-built syntax checks and plate tracking during capture
  • On-line web dashboard for real time trend analysis
  • Portal works on a PC, tablet or phone so real time information about traffic at an event is now truly mobile
  • Understand approach journey times for each individual route to an event at all times
  • Alter traffic management plans through use of VMS to further improve approach time
  • Capture critical flow and origin destination data important for benchmarking and monitoring Traffic Management Plans
  • Early warning of VIP arrival or alert for hot list vehicles to police
  • Save money on pre-paid parking with automated acknowledgment of payment, no need to send out passes or badges
  • Complete security control of event site for pre, during and post event day(s)
  • Uniquely retain contractor details with planned vehicle arrival, departure and purpose including contact details.
  • Understand duration of stay and repeat customers with ease and accuracy.
  • Understand, monitor and react to car parking demand in real time.

Our knowledgeable team of event planners in the SEP team utilise the experience and skill of the Traffic Data team to plan and execute TLT projects with meticulous accuracy, considering optimum camera mounting locations for height, angle, desired field-of-view, clearance and covert versus non-covert solutions.  The opportunity to gain a true understanding of customers approach experience to an event is very important.  With the opportunity as well to improve their parking experience makes TLT an essential part of your event set up, management and monitoring.