Workers walking across a walkway.

WMCA Matrix Update Surveys

TfWM have developed public transport matrices for use within transport models over a number of years. New surveys are periodically carried out to collect journey information to update parts of these matrices. For this study Tracsis were commissioned to interview bus and train passengers on their journeys, specifically origin-destination as well as other trip information. Boarding and alighting counts were also undertaken in addition to the interviews.

Prior to the surveys, Tracsis carried out a number or checks which included:

  • Checking each location against the description provided by the client;

  • Assessing the site’s suitability in terms of Health and Safety; and

  • Reviewing the recommended number of interviewing and supervisory staff required. This was based on issues such as;

    • the number of services using the site (and their frequency);

    • the amount of boarding and alighting at the stops (from observations); and

    • the physical layout of the stops.

For the main survey, Tracsis deployed a team of fieldworkers to undertake surveys at each of the bus stop or rail stations:

  • Passenger Interview surveys - face to face at bus stops and via post-back questionnaires at rail stations.

  • Passenger Counts - at Stops and on rail platforms.

A 10% sample of passengers were interviews we captured at each location, and a checked and cleaned data set was delivered to the client.