PCDS powers up to V2

27 January 20

Passenger Counts Database Software (PCDS) provides twenty twenty hindsight for Passenger Analytics in 2020.

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Tracsis PCDS software tools help operators understand, match and report data from passenger count systems.

PCDS allows us to decrypt and decode raw data from any industry manufactured count systems. We assist with data collection manage the processing and matching of data and provide reports that give transport operators the insights they need for planning and reporting. 

Tracsis software development teams don’t stand still and we are already close to the release of PCDS v.2 software. Customers can expect delivery in early 2020 giving you twenty twenty hindsight into passenger counts across your transport networks.

PCDS menu 1.

Tracsis Passenger Analytics are at the forefront of new software technologies for collecting automatic passenger count (APC) data that provides an enhanced processing and matching capability, as well as the capability of fulfilling reporting commitments to the DfT.

Train Operating companies (TOC) are switching to Tracsis software because of its advanced functionality, reporting and for passenger load analytics’ primarily developed specify for Rail and the transport industry.

The current version of the software Passenger Count Database Software (PCDS & PCDS HOST) allows us to push processed data to an external database or Bi-system. The product has high functionality and is cloud based for fast and easy access to passenger data and reports. It provides time and cost efficiencies, enhanced matching capabilities, as well as high confidence levels because of its data integrity.

PCDS v.2 due for release in early 2020

Operational planning and reporting is just about to get even more powerful with PCDS v.2. It will provide the insights that are vital for short term tactical planning in almost real time as well long term strategic projects. The combination of the advanced software and our experienced transport professionals means we can spot inconsistencies in data and interpret them for you. This is often used to highlight faulty data capture units before they disrupt the data reporting.

PCDS software diagram.

PCDS v.2 advanced capability:

Data collection from e-mail, dial up and File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Interacts with passenger systems

Loadings for Short Term Planning (STP) services

Loading for Long Term Planning (LTP) services

Ability to match with actual on the day CONSIST data

Take all current APC unit data

Report on short formed services, PH1- Investigate. (Integrated DARWIN feed is planned for v.2.1)

Integration with TOC BI system and PCDS HOST

Web based multi platform UI 

Reports detailed passenger insights

Menu Screen

Filter PCDS Count Data by Station and Date

Build custom queries with the PCDS Database

Filter your queries by route

Everything you need to set up API access into your own systems

Access to our Service Desk

User Administration management

PCDS UI menu 2.

Permission Roles Screen

The Purpose of this screen is Administrators can now create custom permission roles, so they have complete control over which parts of the system their users can and can’t see.

PCDS UI menu 3.

User Creation Screen

Administrators now have the ability to create their own users, and customise the company branding. Granting users permissions using the new roles feature and add them into user groups. Users can now easily be disabled (or re-enabled) and reset their passwords from within the PCDS web portal.

PCDS UI menu 4.

Query Builder

Users now have the ability to create their own custom reports in our query builder. They can choose what columns are featured in their out-putted report, and apply their own custom selection criteria. 

PCDS UI menu 5.

Stations Screen

The Following is an example of a search of Services that pass through Strickland Jct, with an Origin of Skellerton. (The Data and station names in this screenshot is Fabricated for Data Protection purposes). The user now has a greatly expanded filter options that were not available in the original version of PCDS, and has visual representations of their data in graphical format now.

PCDS UI menu 6.

To get more information and discuss your specific requirements just contact one of our specialist team at:

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PCDS software diagram.