Physical distance measuring

05 June 20

Physical distance measuring from Tracsis and AECOM

Monitoring physical distancing compliance on our streets, stations and public spaces is a key step in our road to recovery. Intervention measures need to be tested to ensure they are effective.

Data collection using AI analytics from Tracsis, coupled with modelling and scenario testing from AECOM provide the ideal.AECOM modelling a.

The complete package for collecting physical distancing data, scenario modelling.

Scanning device view a.

Scanning device view e.

AECOM modelling b.

Rapid deployment temporary HD cameras for precise capture

Automated physical distancing measurement using our AI platform developed by our partners Vivacity Labs

Modelling of measures introduced such as pop up cycle lanes or pedestrian foot ways, road space allocation and pedestrian comfort

Added insights in the form of path traces of individual movements

Camera device attached to a pole.

A view of the paths mapped by the scanning device.