Social distancing analysis during COVID-19

19 September 20

Although many governments are issuing new guidelines that relax the Coronavirus lockdown to a small degree it’s obvious that we will need to practice social distancing for many more months and possibly years to come. Government have issued strict guidelines on who is permitted to travel and for what purposes and the 2 metre distancing rule is here for some time.

Our regional teams at Tracsis are getting a large number of enquiries asking us what monitoring options we have available to help transport operators, councils and transport planners understand and measure compliance by the general public. Social distancing measurement will be key to understanding the success of the new measures that are being introduced in all areas of public life.

In partnership with our technology partners Vivacity Labs, Tracsis can provide analysis of social distancing between people moving on foot and by bicycle. We achieve this while protecting personal identities using Artificial Intelligence analytics (AI) to process video footage collected using our own cameras or from other CCTV video feeds if available.

Take a look at an overview of the analysis software in action in this 2 minute video.*

*The footage was filmed in February 2020 and has been used to demonstrate the capabilities of the Tracsis analysis.

… and here are some more images of the analysis footage

Scanning device view a.

Scanning device view b.

Scanning device view c.

Scanning device view d.

Scanning device view e.

Scanning device view f.

Scanning device view g.

By processing any camera footage through our Path Tracing portal, as well as the standard counts and trace line movements, we are able to extract instant social distancing data to analyse and study social distancing and levels of compliance. This is a very powerful tool to utilise in such extraordinary circumstances.

If you or anyone else within your organisation would benefit from this technology then please get in touch, we have installation teams on standby.

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