Tracsis ANPR collects transport data in any conditions

26 October 18

Our clocks have gone back but our technology goes forward

Summer is officially over and the daylight hours are shorter. A few years ago this also signalled restrictions on the time available to carry out traffic surveys as the technology was limited by light and weather conditions. The good news for traffic planners is that Tracsis technologies now allow us to collect complex data in any road environment regardless of light conditions and the prevailing weather.

Advanced ANPR survey equipment is used around the clock in any weather, delivering fast, accurate data collection about traffic movements including:

  • Vehicle Origin-Destination movements

  • Car park usage and durations of stay

  • Traffic regulation order violation

  • Vehicle journey times

  • Vehicle emissions to inform Clean Air Zone and air quality studies

Tracsis cameras with Infra-Red (IR) technology allow us to deliver reliable ANPR readings regardless of speed, weather, reflectivity of number plate and glare from headlights. We have portable ANPR cameras that can be deployed quickly at the roadside for temporary or long-term data collection.

Did you know?

The clocks first changed in the UK when the Summer Time Act was passed by Parliament in 1916. The idea was to stop people wasting valuable hours of light in the summer and save fuel in the winter months during the war. The clocks go forward again on 31st March 2019.

Cars with a dash effect on the motorway at night.

Our systems allow us to do some clever installations for clients, for example we can use one camera to capture data from multiple lanes cutting the number of cameras needed and reducing installation time whilst improving reliability for our customers. 

Coupled with databases of vehicle details and our GDPR compliant data cleaning, analysis, reporting and storage, we provide a unique service to inform transport planning, parking, compliance investigation and air quality study projects.