Tracsis Year End results

14 November 19

Audited results for the year ended 31 July 2019

Tracsis Group highlights Financial Highlights: 

  • Revenue increased 24% to £49.2m (2018: £39.8m)

  • Adjusted EBITDA* increased 12% to £10.5m (2018: £9.4m)

  • Operating profit before exceptional items increased 13% to £6.7m (2018: £5.9m)

Traffic & Data Services Highlights: a busy year of delivery…

Traffic Surveys, Transport Insights and Passenger Analytics

Notable highlights in the year include delivery of the largest set of National Road Traffic Census survey sites across the UK in a single financial year, the utilisation of innovative Artificial Intelligence software (through the Group’s investment in Vivacity Labs) to deliver large scale surveys for a major client, growth of our data analytics capabilities and delivery of innovative product solutions and dashboards to clients.

Our Passenger Analytics team were pleased to have maintained historic levels of traditional manual count business whilst also winning new business including a multi-year ticketless travel survey framework. The business also continues to develop its own software product for automatic train loading data, which is expected to be a key technology platform for future growth.

Location Analytics

Originating from it’s base in Ireland, Compass Informatics business has expanded and secured a number of projects with UK water companies. The strategy remains to grow their business footprint in the UK, by selling its range of leading products and services to the Group’s existing UK client base, where there are clear market opportunities. Much of the current revenue is derived from Irish government bodies which provides stability for some of the larger more innovative projects to be undertaken. The Compass business was successful in securing awards for its work at the National Biodiversity Data Centre and the BIO platform, being delivered to three UK water companies, was a finalist at the Water Industry Awards.

Event Transport Management

SEP logo.

Our existing SEP business was joined by CTM this year. Both businesses continue to work with some extremely high-profile events and organisations, which are blue chip by nature, and in many cases secured under multi-year contracts, with one large contract in particular being renewed in the year.

Integration planning for CTM is well underway, and synergy benefits are expected to be progressively realised once the two businesses are combined into one Combined Events Business. The businesses have already started working together to exploit each other’s strengths and ensuring that internal capabilities are maximised by taking best practice from each business.

The business successfully delivered traffic management and car parking for record numbers of people at key events, plus the planning, delivery, monitoring and control of Transport Management Systems for other key clients, and also successfully delivered Tracsis Live Traffic (TLT) into several major events. The Group also works with one of the largest outdoor music festivals in the world which was again successfully delivered on a huge scale.

New members of your Traffic & Data Services team

We were pleased to have been joined by two businesses this year which will increase and enhance our overall product and service offering to clients.

Compass informatics logo.

Compass Informatics

On 15 January 2019 we acquired Compass Informatics, a long-established Dublin based business which we have known for a number of years now and is a natural fit with our Traffic & Data Services division in terms of our strategy of improving our data analytic capabilities. This acquisition, our first overseas transaction, strengthens the product and service offerings to our client base in the UK and also benefits those existing clients retained by Compass Informatics in Ireland, and offers potential benefit and cross-sell potential to Tracsis’ existing transport clients. Compass Informatics is a software development and data analytics company that specialises in combining geographical information systems (GIS), location technologies, data analytics and field computing. The business works across a variety of sectors but derives most of its revenue from transport, asset management, planning, and environmental clients.

CTM logo.


On 16 January 2019, we acquired CTM, a well-established provider of event traffic planning, admission control, and a range of other event-related services to some of the UK’s largest and most prestigious event clients. CTM is highly complementary to the Tracsis Traffic & Data Services division with good cross-sell potential along with clear synergy benefits with Tracsis’ existing SEP Events business which was an excellent acquisition for Tracsis and it’s clients. CTM has an excellent track record of organic growth, client retention and profitability over many years.

Cartoon city diagram of transport insights.