Traffic Survey capacity boosted in Scotland

13 December 16

Our survey capabilities in Scotland continue to grow with the expansion of our traffic survey teams. For our clients this means we can deliver your transport data collection projects faster than ever, with the same high standards.

Our offices in Livingston have a team of over 30 people including traffic analysts, project managers and 12 technicians who cover the region installing client survey projects.

We have client facilities in the office for project planning and review meetings so you have the choice of meeting your Tracsis team in Livingston or we are always happy to travel to you to discuss a project in detail.

Contact our Scotland Team to Fast Track your next survey:

Tel: +44 (0)1506 435 156 or Email:

Our range of services, including new services introduced this year:

Traffic Surveys

Passenger Surveys for transport operators

Data Capture of paper based information

Event Traffic Management

Technology that never stops; a quick overview of new survey techniques

Even when it’s dark and raining out on our roads Tracsis survey technology is enabling transport planners to capture vital Origin-Destination survey data whatever the conditions.

The ANPR device in action on a road.

By combining our expertise in the latest ANPR, Bluetooth and Mobile Phone Data collection we can complete traffic surveys in any location in any weather, 24 hours a day.

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Digital ANPR

Tracsis have full ANPR geographic traffic survey coverage of the UK and Ireland, with swift deployment, shared transparent processes and high quality data return.

We use the most advanced equipment, the widest geographic coverage and largest and most skilled resource capacity of any traffic survey company in the UK and Ireland. Last year we captured over 3,000,000 vehicle registration plates and undertook over 18,000 hours of ANPR observations across more than 60 individual projects.

Tracsis industry-leading ANPR systems have the following features which differentiate us from other suppliers and provide you with a flexible, unrivalled service:

  • High sample size (90%+) and accuracy (98%+)

  • Multi-lane observation from a single camera

  • Battery powered systems with low power drain meaning longer surveys and fewer technician visits

  • Zoom lens

  • 5-60m range to guarantee flexible setup

  • Installation time on site of less than 15 minutes

  • Remote ‘health check’ monitoring via mobile connection

  • High powered, long range IR illumination (upto 50m range) perfect for over-bridges or high-level installs in congested/queuing traffic

  • Vehicle classification from DVLA and supporting databases including Euro Emission Class for air quality studies

  • Direction of travel and path of vehicle can be tracked across image

  • On-site data processing

  • Live data feeds

  • Specialist analysis team delivering bespoke reports on journey times, Origin-Destination studies, fleet composition and emission categories

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Anonymised Mobile Phone Network Data (MND)

Anonymised Mobile Phone Network Data is building the picture

Mobile Phone Network Data (MND) is derived from the journey paths of individuals between the network of 3G/4G masts, which support the mobile phone network. Each interaction is related to an anonymised token (User ID), which can then be used to get a picture of their journey  irrespective of the mode of transport. The data is aggregated and anonymised to create insights applicable to traffic flow assessments, origin-destination and modal analysis. MPND is a much richer and more comprehensive data set than those derived by traditional survey techniques, as it allows complete journey paths to be constructed for user groups, and can be linked to anonymised demographic information.

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Bluetooth Sensors

Bluetooth Sensors from Tracsis provide Vehicle and Pedestrian Journey Analysis

Tracsis have always been at the forefront of Bluetooth traffic survey technology and this methodology is yet another example of being able to offer our clients a robust solution to understanding the origin-destination and journey characteristics of vehicles and pedestrians. Our Bluetooth sensors detect, encrypt and store the unique Bluetooth codes emitted from passing vehicles and devices carried by pedestrians.  By matching these codes between sensors we build a deep understanding of journey characteristics.

Tracsis Bluetooth systems have been deployed at thousands of sites for clients including Transport for London, Transport Scotland, Transport for Greater Manchester an at major events including the London 2012 Olympic Games, Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships, T In The Park, Cheltenham races and Aintree Grand National. Our innovative ‘can-do’ approach has brought worldwide recognition at international conferences and our bespoke data interface has been designed with the client in mind to provide live operational and post-survey tactical insight and understanding.

With our latest wi-fi detection systems, initial results indicate that the sample size in a pedestrian environment increases to 50%. In a road vehicle environment detection sample size is usually in the region 35-40%. These sample sizes are stable and representative between days of the week and times of day giving a clear indicator of general behaviour.

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