What Transport Data is available during COVID-19?

20 May 20

As we know, due to the current pandemic, data collection opportunities are limited as traffic and active travel flows are reduced.

If we have undertaken a survey for you in the last 3 months then it is very likely we are still hosting that footage on our secure servers.

To unlock some useful additional insights from data (and keep your teams busy/productive), it is possible that additional value could be extracted from the footage and some examples are listed below:

Path tracing a.

Footage upload and accessed via our Path Tracing Portal

Path tracing b.

Object speed derived from Vision Based AI

Path tracing c.

Classified or visualised pedestrian/cycle analysis

Path tracing d.

Reclassifying traffic count data

Path tracing e.

Detailed queue analysis/dwell times

If you have a requirement for traffic data to enable you to continue with your projects, we can help there as well. Tracsis have a strategic investment in a Mobile Phone Network Data analytics company and through this we can make available historic and live multi-modal transport data sets.

Path tracing f.

Anonymised Mobile Phone Network Data

Anonymised Mobile Phone Network Data is held for the previous 12 months and can be interrogated to provide Origin/Destination flows and a host of other outputs.

If you have a data requirement of any kind then please feel free to get in touch and we will do our best to provide you with a solution.