At Tracsis, we pride ourselves on our bespoke survey reports which are supplied in advanced formats and to a high standard. Together with Safety and Relationships, Quality is one of our 3 core values, so our reports have been developed to be both accessible and useful to the client. Many reports are interactive whether delivered through advanced spreadsheets or innovative online dashboards.

Below you’ll find a selection of sample reports for some of our core surveys.  

Our signature traffic data report offers a dynamic solution to interpreting the results whilst allowing the user to view and download the data in matrices or raw (model ready) format.

Our speed survey dashboard provides the user with summary statistics relating to average speeds, class breakdowns and full week comparisons.

Dynamic workbooks allowing the user to alter the start and end time, the total duration time and the class of vehicle. Highest O-D movements are highlighted.

We provide a dynamic table allowing the user to obtain an hourly breakdown of the number of vehicles at each movement, along with a time-series graph to show the change over time.

Providing clients with snapshot analysis of conflicts within a defined study area. Data can be summarised by location and conflict severity.

Our interactive data dashboards clearly show car park usage in defined intervals throughout the survey period.

Parking stress visualisation reports are a good way of clearly identifying parking issues in a given area. The available kerbside is split by parking restrictions and assigned a unique location reference, allowing the user to access the desired information clearly on a single map.

We can convert any parking data to thematic and heat maps customisable to your needs.

Queue lengths are recorded and displayed by lane and by arm for each junction.

Using a combination of vehicle ID databases we are able to provide reports based up on the emissions/euro class of the vehicles captured in the survey, relaying this as a percentage of the total number of vehicles at that site.