A camera monitoring a motorway.

Drone Surveys

Drone traffic monitoring uses drones equipped with HD cameras to monitor traffic flows and wider network operation.

A higher view for greater insight

The data we provide from aerial video recoding gives unrivalled insight to enable planners and data users to improve traffic management, reduce congestion and improve network operation. Combined with post processing using standard or AI analysis, we can deliver a robust data set to suit the clients requirements.

Junction and wider network monitoring

Junctions can be monitored from up to 400 feet to allow for an aerial view of how the junction operates and how this impacts the wider network. Typically a 1km2 view can be achieved, this enables data users to have an overall view of traffic movement and make informed decisions.

Queue monitoring

Queue and network operation can be monitored to give insight for the end user to understand the cause of network delays, the impact on journey time reliability and infrastructure performance.

Car parking and local vicinity monitoring

An aerial view of any car park can be captured to understand car park occupancy, duration of stay and overall accumulation. These are key measures for planning, performance and regulation of car parking assets.

A man cycling through traffic.

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