Transport Insights

Transport Insights

The transport data collection industry is changing. The needs of modellers and planners have evolved and technology advances have accelerated rapidly, changing the way we collect, store and use data. The data we provide is richer than ever before but to get the true value from our data we convert that data into easily interpreted information. We call this transport insights, it’s the visualisation of data so that it can be used by transport professionals to enable strategic planning and monitoring.

Real-time data

There is still value in an ad-hoc data set that gives an insight to a very limited snap-shot in time but the requirement for real-time data is ever increasing. Real-time data allows modellers and planners to be much more agile in their approach to each task. The progression from long time interval data to regularly updated data means that reaction can be quicker and based on a cleaner and more thorough data set and change can be implemented in good time, mitigating any negative impacts that may have occurred with a longer time lag between periodic data sources.

Data Reporting

Going are the individual reports supplied in .csv format offering very little insight and being unable to be easily cross-referenced with existing data. In future data will be supplied through innovative online dashboards, which develop over time and enable the data-user to manipulate and visualise the data with the click of a button. Not only that, the possibility of creating platforms that can accept APIs from any piece of existing equipment or data source and present the data in a single, accessible place for an entire transport team, highlight the value of such reporting tools. This way of using data is far more secure than a ‘traditional’ method, which suits the current regulatory environment.

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