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Tracsis provides cycling insights in our capital

Tracsis provides cycling insights in our capital. Tracsis have collaborated with Transport for London (TfL) and Vivacity Labs to provide an AI sensor based survey of key routes in London.

Tracsis Year End results

Audited results for the year ended 31 July 2019.

General Election or General Disruption

The run up to a general election can delay your plans for important projects and traffic surveys are no exception. It’s important to get your traffic surveys organised and delivered as soon as possible over the next few days and weeks.

ATC Surveys with remote diagnostics

Remote Automatic Traffic Counters (ATCs) work on the same data collection principle as standard ATCs with the added feature of live data checks.

Video Path Tracing Launch

Tracsis are pleased to announce the launch of the Video Path Tracing product. This new innovation adds enhanced visualisation and insights to our powerful video analysis tools for clients across the transport industry.

Tracsis Traffic Data Ltd partners with ADT

We understand that driving at work is the biggest risk to safety our employees face. As we specifically aim to improve driver safety and ensuring levels of competency.

Transport Data Collection – the future

The transport data collection industry is changing. The needs of modellers and planners have evolved and technology advances have accelerated rapidly, changing the way we collect, store and use data.

Client-focussed Communications Day

Our divisional Comms Day was based at York Racecourse this year with the whole business meeting to improve our internal communications and learn new skills.

Innovative Loop Replacement Technology

Tracsis are delighted to introduce a new loop replacement sensor which not only removes the need for physical installations on carriageways but also includes Active travel classification on both Road, Cycleway and Footway.

Acquisition of Cash & Traffic Management Ltd

Tracsis is pleased to announce that it has acquired the entire issued share capital of Cash & Traffic Management Limited (“CTM”).

Acquisition of Compass Informatics

Tracsis is pleased to announce that it has acquired the entire issued share capital of Compass Informatics Limited (Ireland) and Compass Informatics UK Limited (collectively “Compass”).

100 days of GDPR

May 25th 2018 was the deadline for compliance for the General Data Protection Regulations and there was a detailed plan in place to get us to that point.

Tracsis ANPR collects transport data in any conditions

Summer is officially over and the daylight hours are shorter. A few years ago this also signalled restrictions on the time available to carry out traffic surveys as the technology was limited by light and weather conditions.

Tracsis Traffic Data Ltd Regional Contacts

Find your contact point in Tracsis for transport data collection surveys…

Tracsis transport surveys are GDPR compliant

Data can be collected for any mode of transport including cycling and walking, at any time of day and in any weather condition. We are already making use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to allow the machines to ‘learn on the job'.

Tracsis innovation for Active Travel

Walking and cycling are good for our physical and mental health. Switching more journeys to active travel will improve health, quality of life and the environment, and local productivity, while at the same time reducing costs to the public purse.

Completion of Acquisitions

Tracsis plc is pleased to announce that it has acquired the entire issued share capital of Travel Compensation Services Limited (‘TCS’), Delay Repay Sniper Limited (‘DRS’) and S Dalby Consulting Limited (the holding company of TCS).

Tracsis at Cycling and Walking Innovations 2017

This unique event, organized by Landor LINKS for the Department for Transport, will focus on how cycling and walking is supporting the Government’s Industrial Strategy.

AI investment to end MK traffic jams

16 May, London – A UK start-up developing AI camera technology has today secured a total of £3m in funding, paving the way for driverless cars and truly smart cities that can recognise different vehicles and regulate traffic in real-time.

See us at Traffex 2017

With less than a month to go before Traffex 2017 our exhibition team are all ready for what will prove to be our most exciting year to date.

We have moved

Templar House has over 4,000 sq ft of accommodation and has been specifically designed to provide planning areas for our project teams and fully equipped meeting rooms for clients.

Traffic and Transport Survey Techniques – PTRC

The PTRC are running a course in Leeds on 14th February 2017 aimed to provide an overview of transport survey techniques.

London traffic survey teams ready to roll

New offices in London and expansion of our survey teams means we can deliver your transport data collection projects faster than ever, with the same high standards.

Traffic Survey capacity boosted in Scotland

Our survey capabilities in Scotland continue to grow with the expansion of our traffic survey teams. For our clients this means we can deliver your transport data collection projects faster than ever, with the same high standards.

Sparklab Productions choose Tracsis Data Capture

Tracsis Data Capture have worked with Sparklab Productions in Manchester to transcribe audio interview footage into text files. The transcripts were used for editing the production that is aired on BBC Radio 4.

Tracsis wins The Yorkshire Post Excellence in Business Awards

Last Friday night was another special evening for Tracsis at The Yorkshire Post Excellence in Business Awards. We won in the category for businesses turning over between £10m and £50m for 2016.

New London Customer Support Office

Tracsis Traffic and Data Services have opened a new office in London to support our clients in the south east of the UK as our business expands.